The Group has three platforms to access different kinds of capital, all with high-profile, experienced and established underwriters.


Responsive governance requires clear communication, constructive challenge and debate, and creative strategic thinking. Diverse perspectives and experience help build a responsive culture, which serves and balances stakeholders' expectations.


We believe having the right team is crucial to our culture and business. Find out more about the Lancashire Group and subsidiaries' management teams.



Traditional company market rated (re)insurers operating in Bermuda and London. Underwriting high layers with higher deductibles to differentiate market position and drive lower attritional loss ratios. A lower number of large contracts and single exposures afford greater underwriting control. A consistent strategy and transparent risk appetite make Lancashire’s rated (re)insurers important underwriters for key brokers in our areas of expertise.

Lancashire Syndicates

Lancashire Syndicates Limited provides the Group access to Lloyd’s through Lancashire’s managed Syndicates 2010 and 3010. The use of Lloyd’s extensive network and infrastructure offers distribution advantages. Long standing client relationships drive good understanding of underlying risks.

Lancashire Capital Management

Lancashire Capital Management focuses on third party funded, fully collateralised reinsurance across different classes such as property catastrophe, aviation, marine, energy and terror. It has the ability to scale up opportunistically based on market dislocations, delivering speed to market advantage.


Our experienced teams of claims specialists are well equipped with specific knowledge of our diverse product lines. We have global access to high levels of expertise that allows us to effectively manage and thoroughly investigate any loss our clients may sustain. This aids us in achieving our goal of ensuring a timely and equitable claim resolution for our clients.