How do I contact Lancashire’s investor relations department?

Please direct inquiries to:

Sophie Serjeant

Head of Investor Relations
Lancashire Holdings Limited
29th Floor,
20 Fenchurch Street,
London, EC3M 3BY
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7264 4000
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7264 4077

On what stock exchange is Lancashire Holdings Limited (Lancashire) listed?

Lancashire is incorporated in Bermuda but its common stock is listed on the Official List of the UK Listing Authority and traded on the Main market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker symbol "LRE". For more information about the LSE, please visit their website: www.londonstockexchange.com. Lancashire also has a secondary listing on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (web site: www.bsx.com). 

Are shareholders’ rights different because Lancashire Holdings Limited is incorporated in Bermuda?

Yes; Lancashire Holdings Limited is incorporated in Bermuda and therefore the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.

When was the initial public offering of Lancashire stock?

The initial public offering of Lancashire stock on AIM was completed on 16 December 2005. Lancashire’s Common Shares were admitted to the Official List of the UK Listing Authority and admitted to trading on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange on 16 March 2009.

How can I receive more information on Lancashire?

Please visit our Financial Information section for quarterly and other reports on Lancashire, or contact Jonny Creagh-Coen, Head of Investor Relations, for further information at:info@lancashiregroup.com.

How can I be alerted to the latest news about Lancashire?

Please sign up for our Email Alerts so you will never miss the most current investor and company news from Lancashire.

When is Lancashire’s financial year end?

Lancashire’s financial year ends on 31 December.

When is Lancashire’s AGM?

The 2018 AGM was held on 2 May 2018. Our next AGM will be held in May 2019.

Where is Lancashire’s registered office?

Lancashire Holdings Limited is registered in Bermuda under company number EC 37415 and has its registered office at Power House, 7 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda. 

Where can I find Lancashire’s current stock price?

Our stock price information can be found in the Share Price information section of this website

When does Lancashire pay dividends?

Lancashire's Dividend Policy is stated here 

In which currency will my dividends be paid?

Although dividends are declared in US Dollars they are paid in Pounds Sterling using the exchange rate on the record date. 

Who is Lancashire's share registrar?

The Share Registrar is:

Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited
P.O. Box 532
St. Helier

Does Lancashire offer a dividend reinvestment plan?

Yes, the Dividend Reinvestment Plan Terms and Conditions are available upon request via the Shareholder Helpline on *0871 664 0300 (Overseas +44 (0) 37 1664 0300), by email: shareholder.services@linkgroup.co.uk or visit https://www.signalshares.com 

*calls cost 12p per minute plus your phone company's access charge. Calls outside the United Kingdom will be charged at the applicable international rate. We are open between 09:00 - 17:30, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in England and Wales.

What is Lancashire's policy on Boardroom diversity?

The Board of Lancashire Holdings Limited has updated and approved the following statement on the representation of women on the Board of Directors, on executive committees and in senior management: 

“In the “Women on Boards” report of February 2011, Lord Davies recommended that FTSE 350 companies should set their own targets for female representation on the board of directors. In his review report issued in April 2013, Lord Davies further recommended that FTSE 350 companies, by the end of September 2013, set out the percentage of women they aim to have on both their executive committees and in senior management levels.  In October 2015 Lord Davies recommended that the voluntary target for women’s representation on boards of FTSE 350 companies should be raised to a minimum of 33% to be achieved in the next five years. In the spring of 2016 the UK Treasury published the “Women in Finance Charter” (the “Charter”) inviting financial services firms to become signatories. Subscribers are asked to commit to the adoption of internal targets on gender diversity.

In recent years this subject has been discussed by the Board. Whilst wholly sympathetic to the objective of increasing diversity, the Board remains of the view that the skills and experience needed to take the business of the company forward are of paramount importance in selecting Board members, members of executive committees and senior management and that it is not appropriate to adopt a fixed percentage target for any one feature of diversity, in this case gender, in case doing so compromises the paramount objective. And it is not obvious that gender diversity should be treated differently from other diversity issues. The Board has therefore decided not to subscribe to the Charter but is supportive of its broad objective.

We are actively engaged in expanding and improving the quality of experience and perspective of the Lancashire Board of Directors and have every intention of steering those efforts towards more female Board representation.  Within the executive management team and throughout its business, the Lancashire Group has for many years benefitted from a broad gender diversity. Having discussed these issues with a number of the company’s major shareholders (and previously with Lord Davies himself) we have found amongst the company’s shareholders no appetite to compromise the paramount objective of seeking to maintain an effective Board of Directors and management team for the company. Both the company’s shareholders and stakeholders will note that as at July 2016, the percentage of female representation on the Board of Lancashire Holdings Limited stood at 28.6%.

In compliance with the FRC’s UK Corporate Governance Code, since 2012 a description of the LHL Board’s policy on diversity, including gender, has been included in the Company’s Annual Reports, together with statistics relevant to the gender composition of the LHL Board, group management and overall group employees.”