Since the first donation in 2007, the Foundation has given more than $22 million to charitable organisations across an ever-increasing range of causes. 

During 2021 alone, around $700,000 was distributed to charities. This included donations to individual charitable groups nominated by employees. In 2022, we made donations to UNICEF and the Red Cross to aid their work with people in Ukraine.

The Lancashire Foundation has been a UK-registered charity since September 2012. The first donations were made in 2007 with an initial emphasis on supporting communities in Bermuda. It now has strong focus on providing support for solutions for dealing with social exclusion and issues that affect children and young people.

Organisations receiving more than $1 million in total since 2007 from the Foundation include:

In 2008, in recognition of the fact that a significant element of Lancashire’s business is connected to insuring against natural catastrophes, we began a long-standing relationship with Médecins Sans Frontieres. Donations to the organisation total $5.6 million in the past 15 years.

Another long-standing partner is International Care Ministries and we have supported its work with the ultra-poor in the Philippines where more than 100 million people live below the national poverty line. Employees have also had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines to see the work of the charity themselves.

In the UK, the St Giles Trust supports male and female offenders and their families. The aim is to help them realise their true potential and avoid re-offending, contributing to a safer and more productive society.

We also recognise that, while financial support for communities is vital, the skills and expertise of our employees is also a powerful tool and staff are actively encouraged to participate in charitable work. Employees raising funds for charitable organisations can also request matching funds from the Foundation. 

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The annual donation made to the Foundation to fund its work is aligned to the financial performance of the business. The Foundation receives 0.75% of Group profits with a minimum donation of $250,000 up to a maximum of $750,000. This creates a sense of ‘ownership’ among our employees who are aware that the financial success of the Group has an impact on the wider community.


This is further strengthened by an emphasis on supporting charitable causes – which meet the Foundation’s criteria – where there is a personal or community connection among employees.


We believe that the success of the Foundation in making a real difference to the lives of those less fortunate is due to the enthusiasm of our people. Whether actively getting involved in helping others through volunteering or requesting funding for causes close to them, their support is invaluable.