Why Invest in Lancashire?

1. Underwriting comes first, whatever the market environment.

This core principle has helped us deliver a market-leading track record, with better combined ratios over 3 years (0.6 pts outperformance), 5 years (10.2 pts outperformance) and 10 years (23.2 pts outperformance) 

2. Actively balancing risk and return through risk selection and risk management.

Our daily underwriting call, strategic overview of risk and active management of exposures have proven they lead to long-term success

3. Operate nimbly through the cycle.

Our three market-leading platforms support this and drive our long-term success: Lancashire, Lancashire Syndicates Limited and Lancashire Capital Management. Better broker relationships; better cross-selling and referral opportunities; and better reinsurance purchasing power. Our active use of capital management can also help deliver shareholder returns

4. Proven superior risk/return profile over the long run.

With Return of Equity (RoE) and Total Shareholder Return (TSR) above peer averages. Across the business the compensation structure is aligned with shareholders, with all permanent employees participating in Lancashire's restricted share scheme 

5. Stable senior leadership and underwriting team.

Our Group CEO and Group Chief Underwriting Officer have been with Lancashire for over 10 years and have over 20 years average industry experience. Our senior underwriters have c. 25 years average industry experience, with average tenure at Lancashire of just over 8 years 

Underwriting Comes First

Maintaining the right balance between discipline and creativity is key for success. Underwriting discipline in challenging markets means we continue to focus on profitability and risk selection. We remain creative in being able to provide tailored insurance and reinsurance products and solutions to our core clients across the three platforms of our business. Providing protection against losses is the lifeblood of our business and the very reason our clients purchase (re)insurance coverage to manage their own risk profile and protect their lives and livelihoods, property and commercial interests.

Effectively balance risk and return

Balancing risk and return means not seeking top line growth for the sake of it in markets where we do not believe the right opportunities exist. We match our capital to the risks we are prepared to underwrite, not the other way around. We bring together all our disciplines to look at how different parts of our operations are working together. Then we stress test our business plans and gauge where we can be most effective without undue volatility.

Operate nimbly through the cycle

Our speed and agility in the way we manage volatility help us underwrite our core portfolio profitably through the challenges of the cycle, yet seize opportunities when they present themselves. As capital continues to enter the (re)insurance market, the need to be nimble is more important then ever. This means being ready to deploy capital quickly when it is needed and having the discipline to return it when it is not.