Lancashire’s primary business delivers bespoke risk solutions that protect our clients and support economies, businesses and communities in the face of uncertain loss events.

By its nature, this has embedded core elements of environmental, social and governance matters into our insurance operations. 

We believe the insurance sector plays a crucial role in empowering people to be able to take decisions with confidence knowing that if the unexpected happens their insurance partners will mitigate the effects on their business and community.

Aligned to our Company values, we strive at all times to conduct our business in an accountable, open, honest and sustainable way.

We are committed to implementing and reporting against the UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance and you can read more here.

In addition, Lancashire has developed and implemented a number of internal underwriting guidelines focused on assisting with wider global efforts to tackle issues of climate change and other environmental, social and governance factors.

The management of climate change risk is also essential to the longer-term sustainability of our business and you can read more in our TCFD report.

We understand that there are no simple solutions to the challenges of today’s complex world. We value our open and honest relationships as we continue our journey in this area and we are committed to working in partnership, across the sector, with a range of stakeholders.

Lancashire has been a member of ClimateWise since 2022. The organisation brings together the global insurance industry with a focus on driving action on climate change risk.



We welcome the opportunity to be part of the industry’s focus on driving action on climate change risk and look forward to coordinating with firms across the sector as we all rise to the shared challenges we face.

Read our 2022-2023 ClimateWise Report.