Our activities ensure that we show leadership and act in a straightforward way for the benefit and understanding of everyone.

The Group operates in line with all relevant regulatory and legal requirements and we run our business responsibly, as a good corporate citizen, a responsible preserver of resources, and holding our supply chain to the high standards we apply to ourselves.

We maintain constructive relationships with the relevant regulatory bodies and others who provide the Group with supervision and oversight.

We also value our partnerships with a number of third-party suppliers and service providers and seek to receive assurance that employers within the services and limited supply chains used by the Group pay a living wage.

The Group is committed to managing our environmental impact and we measure our carbon footprint annually to minimise its negative impact through mitigation and by offsetting 100% of our calculated GHG emissions, in order to remain carbon neutral.

In 2021, for the first time, the Group offset 15% of its emissions via a carbon sequestration project, which aims to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon credits have been purchased in the Cherokee Forest project in the USA. This Improved Forest Management Project protects 8,485.58 acres of mixed hardwoods, oak hickory, cove forest, and oak-pine in northeast Tennessee.

The remaining 85% of the Group’s 2021 carbon credits have been purchased in the Gandhi India Wind Project and the Gaolin Wind Project, both of which generate renewable electricity in various states across India and China that have traditionally been reliant on fossil fuel generated energy.

Moving forward we would like to reduce our overall emissions in our own operations further and move from carbon neutral to carbon net-zero by 2050. Our initial target is a further reduction in emissions per full time employee of 15% by 2030 in our own operations.

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