Three Distinct Platforms

With our three platforms comprising our permanent reinsurance underwriting management business in Kinesis, our top-performing Lloyd's business in Cathedral and our leading specialist insurance and reinsurance businesses in Lancashire, together with our sound business model and outstanding team, we believe that we can navigate a course through this market, and indeed the next hard market when that comes.

The Lancashire model has basically not changed since we were set up.  It starts with an unrelenting focus on underwriting and how to construct a balanced portfolio.  It demands that the returns we can obtain are weighed against the risk, and it requires us to operate nimbly by anticipating and reacting to the changes in our marketplace.  By concentrating on the bottom line rather than the top line, and always aligning our interests with our shareholders, we ensure that the risk-adjusted return motivates our thinking about capital and risk management.   We think that an emphasis on short-tail risks best suits these priorities, and that a lean operating structure ensures information flows quickly through the organisation, and prevents sclerosis in decision-making.  And we believe that making sure we think about the responsibility we owe not just to shareholders, brokers, clients and regulators, but also to the societies we operate in and to the broader world contribute to our long term stability and success.

Our Businesses