Business Overview

With effect from January 2020, Kinesis Capital Management changed its name to Lancashire Capital Management Limited, thereby bringing its name and brand in line with the rest of the Lancashire Group of Companies. There is no change to LCM's ownership, capital structure, executive management, underwriting personnel or business activities. It will be business as usual. 

Underwriting comes first – not just another collateralised ILW writer, but an experienced team leveraging Lancashire and Lancashire Syndicate’s expertise to build unique, tailored products.

Discipline – not seeking to deploy capacity for the sake of fees only. Thorough research of products and opportunities since its formation. Un-deployed capital is always returned to investors promptly.

Nimble reactions supported by a solid core of business – core product is a long-term part of reinsurance protection and capital relief planning but here is the ability to upscale and expand products dramatically following a market dislocation.

Balancing risk and reward – multiple analyses of exposures with comparison to historic events and own proprietary data across multiple lines.

Key Strengths

  • Backed up by Lancashire’s excellent track record and reputation.
  • Leveraging Lancashire’s existing systems, data, relationships, infrastructure and processes in place.
  • Fully dedicated team that writes its own deals and has its own underwriting committee.
  • One of the few entities generating new business without cannibalising existing accounts.
  • Very transparent with frequent reporting, no black-box concept.
  • Able to generate extra returns by selling multi-class reinsurance covers where current supply is scarce.
  • Investors can now have access to Lancashire’s underwriting expertise without the correlation to traditional financial markets.


  • Focusing on multi-class fully collateralised reinsurance across different classes such as property catastrophe, aviation, marine, energy and terrorism.
  • Deploying capacity on 1 January and 1 July of every year, with potentially doing even more during market dislocations via special draws.
  • Educating sophisticated reinsurance clients and designing bespoke products for them which will ultimately add value to their usual reinsurance purchases.
  • Targeting expected returns in the mid-teens, pre fees.