Board Committees

The Board has established audit, nomination and corporate governance, remuneration, investment and underwriting and underwriting risk committees. The committees' responsibilities are contained in their Terms of Reference. The committees are generally scheduled to meet quarterly but they may meet more often as business requires. The current composition of the committees is as follows:

  Audit Nomination and Corporate Governance  Remuneration   Investment  Underwriting and Underwriting Risk
Peter Clarke     Yes* Yes Yes   
Simon Fraser Yes       Yes*     
Samantha Hoe-Richardson Yes* Yes      
Alex Maloney         Yes*
Elaine Whelan       Yes  
Robert Lusardi Yes    Yes   Yes*   
Michael Dawson   Yes Yes   Yes

* (chair)

Investment Committee – Additional Member

  • Denise O’Donoghue - Non Director

Underwriting and Underwriting Risk Committee – Additional Members

  • Ben Readdy - Non Director
  • Hayley Johnston - Non Director
  • Paul Gregory - Non Director
  • Sylvain Perrier - Non Director
  • Jon Barnes - Non Director
  • John Spence - Non Director
  • James Irvine - Non Director


Terms of Reference