Chairman's statement

"The Board pays particular attention  to the Group’s purpose of delivering insurance solutions for our clients  and managing our risk and capital resources across the insurance cycle.  We aim to generate meaningful returns for our investors whilst fostering a positive, sustainable and socially beneficial business and culture."

CEO's statement

“Our purpose as a business is to deliver bespoke risk solutions which help protect our clients in the face of uncertain loss events. It is therefore central to our strategy to develop and retain underwriters and other experts in risk management with the expertise to appraise and price risk properly and to ensure that we use our capital to support our business whilst delivering sustainable returns to our investors.” 

Underwriting comes first

Maintaining the right balance between discipline and creativity is key for success, coupled with a strong focus on profitability and risk selection. 

Business Model

We leverage our deep underwriting expertise with efficient management of risk  and capital and resources across our three platforms to provide our clients and brokers with bespoke solutions for their insurance and reinsurance needs. We always focus on the risk-adjusted return.


The Group believes that its strength lies in excellence in the underwriting risk selection process.

Investment case

Manage our risk exposures and capital resources to generate meaningful returns for our investors across the insurance cycle.