A Unique Culture


Recruiting the right people for the business will always be a high priority. It is critical that the aspirations and values of our employees are a solid match to their role within the organisation and to our corporate values.

The Lancashire culture is defined by our values. And adherence to these values has been a huge part of our success.  All employees are appraised against these values in their annual performance appraisal:

  • Teamwork
  • Agility
  • Passion
  • Success
  • Respect


The Lancashire Group has a strong focus on corporate social responsibility. Through the Lancashire Foundation, the Group makes regular and generous contributions to a variety of charities including Médecins Sans Frontières, International Care Ministries, Family Centre and St. Giles Trust. We also promote and facilitate a range of charitable work each year. We encourage engagement and participation of our employees in charitable and community projects, both locally and internationally.  The Group also takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and leave is granted for those employees taking part in environmental projects.